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The DotP 2013 Deck Builder is a tool designed to be a simple yet powerful that anyone can use to create custom decks for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 using any of the cards they currently have installed. The main motivation in creating the utility was all the posts people kept making about other editors/creators crashing, can't figure out how to use them, the programs not giving an easy way to build some of the necessary pieces for a custom deck, and just general problems that should have been relatively easy to solve.

Main Features

  • Reads from the Wads (and directories setup as Wads) in the game directory rather than requiring that a wad be imported/extracted.
  • Automatically builds the card preview images for the deck (based on a card in the deck selected by the user).
  • Automatically calculates the colour of the deck (no need to manually set deck colours).
  • Assists the user in building images for the deck box and AI Personalities.
  • The program itself is localizable (translations other than English are currently incomplete).
  • Full Source Code available - This means if for whatever reason I disappear or stop working on it someone else can pick it up and start updating it.
  • Compresses all TDX images the builder generates (this includes Deck Box, Card Previews, and AI Personality images).
  • Can generate an AppId Linking Wad for all installed decks with regular unlocks for Steam, Skidrow, and Theta.
  • Can individually save (Export) the images that the builder generates without needing to actually build and export a deck. This means that if you want to use this program just as an easier way of building the necessary images, now you can do that.
  • Advanced filtering of card list. You can create customized filters with as many or as few filtering rules as you want.


  • .Net 4.0 Framework
  • Modified Gibbed Tools (Included)

Screen Shots


Current Version

DotP 2013 Deck Builder v1.4.2.1 32-Bit Version

DotP 2013 Deck Builder v1.4.2.1 64-Bit Version

DotP 2013 Deck Builder v1.4.2.1 Source Code


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Frequently Asked Questions

File:DotP 2013 Deck Builder Readme.txt

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